Thanks for taking the time, I’ll try to make it worthwhile 🙂

I always thought I was a Visual Designer, then Art Director but in fact, I am nothing but a facilitator. Not a fan of buzzwords and fancy job titles, I think what matters most is the ability to get things done. Thats what I love doing the most.

I’m not just a guy that makes things pretty, there’s AI for that. I’m an all-around Sr Art Director that uses Comms, Art & Design to shape ideas. In the age of Midjourney, I believe we will need much more concept creation and visual curation than ever. It’s easy to produce great visuals, but they need to tell a story together. 

I love hearing a new idea and bringing it to life, online or offline. Both is even better. If I don’t know how, I either learn or I know who can. In the end, I’m still a romantic who believes design can make the world a better place. If it fails, it still helps to sell stuff.