A tool to help people achieve their dreams, whether big or small.

From chasing the dream job, traveling around the world or learning how to play an instrument, the app helps people to finally pursue what they always wanted to do and become who they wanted to be.

The app brings those dusty dreams from the back of people’s mind and puts it in front of them. All they have to do is choose their dreams; Stick&Carrot will take care of the rest.



The app provides a wide range of dreams in its catalog (carrots), connecting the users to the services that can make them come true. The user selects how bad they want it and how often they would like to be notified (sticks) and the system provides useful links to achieve each dream.

The app was created in 2013 in collaboration with Renata Kuramshina and it has been launched for iOS and Android in the Brazilian market. Patent pending.